Molten Deevo whistle

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Molten Deevo whistle


The DEEVO® is a superior quality whistle designed specifically to suit the professional volleyball referee. Inspired by the powerful song of the blue whale, the Deevo was designed to cut through noise and resonate in all directions, ensuring that it can be heard throughout the entirety of the court. Its unique construction produces a thick and clear-cut high-pitched tone with a strong rising sound that instantly stops the game. A unique beat tone is created by the interference of two different tones measuring 4.10 kHz and 3.74 kHz. 

Beautifully presented in a custom-made presentation box with accompanying information flyer and basic lanyard.

  • Professional referee whistle for volleyball
  • Best for large and loud audience through maximum loudness (skills required)
  • Tuned for indoor arena
  • Rich, uniform, high-pitch tone resounds through arenas packed with cheering fans
  • Innovative fin design splits the sounds, ensuring the attention of players on both sides of the court while reducing strain on referee ears.
  • Incredibly durable, Titanium frame mouthpiece, enclosed in soft plastic
  • 4.10kHz & 3.74kHz (4 octaves)
  • Made in Japan