We're doing our best to be a more sustainable and environmentally-responsible business. Here's how we're reducing our environmental footprint so we can all enjoy officiating the courts and fields of our planet for generations to come.

Mailing packaging

All mailing satchels are either recyclable or made from certifiable home-composatable, zero-waste bags. We've made a commitment to phase out all non-compostable packaging and packing tape by the end of 2024.

No additional packaging materials

Orders are shipped with absolute minimal internal packaging. We pack all orders as efficiently and securely as possible, without the need to include extra padding materials. In the event we need to support a parcel with some internal packaging, you'll find we use recyclable cardboard and paper, or re-use backing material from our labels that would otherwise go to landfill (we're working on that too!)

We re-use shipping cartons

Cardboard cartons can go around a few times. That's why we choose to re-use shipping cartons where possible. This means you may find an order is shipped in a sustainable option (for example, re-using a supplier's carton).

No-animal products

We're all animal lovers here! As a retailer, we're acknowledge our ability to promote conscious buying decisions through the products we choose to sell. Ref Warehouse has a 'no animal product' policy. That means we don't sell products that use leather or wool, an instead promote man-made materials that are better for the environment and our animal friends. We're also proud supporters of Animals Australia (read more here).