Ref Warehouse partners with state and national organisations for their officiating apparel and equipment needs. Offering the widest range of brands and products, we are the ideal solution that can deliver holistic solutions for referee and umpire supplies.

Ref Warehouse has supplied the on-court apparel, accessories and off-court requirements for the NBL referee administration since 2016/17. In addition to on-court referee products, the uniform kit features unique items including a number of custom NBL-branded products.

“The team at Ref Warehouse ensures the NBL has seamless access to the world’s best officiating brands. The NBL has been vocal in its plans to be one of the best leagues in the world and our goal to continue to increase the professionalism of its operations. This includes the performance and look of our on-court officials.” 
Scott Butler, NBL Head of Referees


Ref Warehouse has developed a key partnership with basketball's governing body, Basketball Australia. For the first time ever, a dedicated range of apparel and equipment has been specifically produced and sourced for technical officials of all levels. Ref Warehouse also supplies apparel and equipment to the WNBL referee administration.

"Basketball Australia is looking for commercial partners, but also solutions to improve the quality of equipment available to participants, including technical officials."
Glen Towers, Basketball Australia Head of Commercial Partnerships

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