Molten Blazza whistle

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Molten Blazza whistle

The BLAZZA® is a superior quality whistle designed specifically to suit the professional basketball referee. Its unique construction produces a thick and clear-cut high-pitched tone with a strong rising sound that instantly stops the game. A unique beat tone is created by the interference of two different tones measuring 4.10 kHz and 3.74 kHz. 

The specialised design places its center of gravity near the mouth, meaning the BLAZZA® can be kept comfortably between the teeth all game long. A titanium frame enclosed in soft plastic makes for an incredibly durable, yet soft mouthpiece.

Beautifully presented in a custom-made presentation box with accompanying information flyer, the Blazza includes a unique Molten lanyard which is perfectly matched for a secure 'clip'.

  • Global Partner of FIBA
  • Designed specifically to suit the professional basketball referee.
  • Tuned for an indoor arena with large and loud crowds
  • Strong, immediate sound with sharp, high pitch
  • Can be kept comfortably between teeth all game long
  • Incredibly durable, yet soft mouthpiece
  • Intended for officiating at the highest level of play
  • Made in Japan