Fox 40 Mini 'BA edition' whistle

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Fox 40 Mini 'BA edition' whistle

The Fox 40 Mini is a more compact version of the Fox 40 Classic with a smaller mouthpiece for a focused fit.

Produced specially by Fox 40 for Basketball Australia and Ref Warehouse, the whistles proudly bare the white BA 'ball' logo printed on both sides of the chamber. This makes it perfect for use in Australia's state bodies and leagues who share this logo in their own branding.

Design: 3-chamber pealess


  • Official Licensed Product of Basketball Australia
  • As used by NBA, FIBA, NCAA, FIFA, FINA and the NFL
  • Produces a high-pitched, ultra-shrill tone
  • Smaller design and mouthpiece
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Flawless, consistent and reliable
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown
  • Will be heard above ambient noise and loud crowds
  • Sound will be heard up to a mile away