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    Buying your referee supplies from Ref Warehouse has a number of benefits for Australian (and even New Zealand) buyers.

    The below is a typical example of the expenses previously required to purchase products not available for purchase in Australia. Ref Warehouse not only makes it much quicker for buyers (sometimes taking up to six weeks to ship from overseas), but there is also a significant cost saving.


    Let's say you want to purchase a pair of referee pants for $51.95 USD from an American referee supplies store.

    Purchase price: $51.95 USD
    Shipping to Australia: $38.95 USD
    Handling: $3.50 USD
    Total USD: $94.40 USD
    Exchange rate conversion (@ $0.75): $125.87 AUD

    Purchase the same pair of referee pants for $85 AUD from Ref Warehouse:

    Purchase price: $85 AUD
    Shipping to Australia: $8.50 AUD (Australia Post small satchel)
    Handling: N/A
    Total AUD: $93.50 AUD


    Also remember:

    • no lengthy shipping delays
    • no sizing risk (with our exchange policy)
    • no exchange rate risk