There are a number of different brands and styles of referee pants available at Ref Warehouse. Choosing the right one for you is important as various options will work better for your shape and the desired look.



Flat front
pants are the modern, 'International' look and used by most FIBA and Australian referees. Flat front pants posses a cleaner, more streamlined look compared to pleated options. These pants are great for achieving an athletic, slimmer look as they make the silhouette more smooth and straight.

Pleated pants are a traditional, 'American look' and used by NBA referees. Pleats are the folds of fabric either pressed or stitched in place and are found just below the front waistband of trousers. The main purpose of pleats is functionality. Pleats add extra room in the hip area of  trousers so they tend to allow for more freedom of movement, and the higher rise makes them more generous in the middle.



Referee pants have two styles of pockets, each offering a slightly different look for the referee.

'Western Cut' pockets are horizontally cut along the front of the thigh, located high towards the waistline. They represent the modern look and will be a change for most referees who have never worn proper referee pants. These pockets are a design feature of the pant and are the most common variety selected by elite referees.



'Front Lay Slash' pockets are the traditional style as found in normal business pants. They are cut down the side in a diagonal fashion, 'slashing' away from the waist. The subtle position of these pockets means that a totally clean, flat look is obtained across the front of the pants. These style of pockets are ideal for those not wanting to drastically change their look from previously worn pants, yet still offer the professional, beltless look.




The general rule of thumb is that referee pants are constructed as an 'exact fit', which means they are sized without much 'give' in order to present a very fitted, snug look. Therefore it's important that the hip/waist size you select is spot-on to appear 'matched' to your physique.

Men: All brands of men's pants fit true to usual men's business pant size (ie: if you are a 32 in normal pants, then a 32 in referee pants is usually perfect.)

Womens: Womens pants come in American sizes and therefore are typically a full size below your usual Australian size (ie: if you are a size 10 AU, then you would be an 8 US in the referee pants. If you are unsure between two sizes, choose the smaller size.)